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The good old faithfuls that you can always find in our outlets and are extremely popular with our stockists too

Vanilla Ice Cream and Cone

Holdens Original

The one that started it all. Made with milk from the farm up the road, to a secret family recipe, the same way it has been since we opened our doors in 1929 this dairy ice cream is the one that people travel from far and wide for.

Scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate


Decadent, rich and made from real chocolate using Ecuadorian cocoa beans. Our chocolate is indulgent; a real treat.

Strawberry Ice Cream with Fresh Strawberries


Using real strawberries, it’s tart, sweet and delightfully pink.

Bowl of Mint Ice Cream

Mint Choc Chip

Lightly minted ice cream with dark chocolate nibs rippled through to create this classic.

Ice Cream Cone

Rum & Raisin

Caribbean aged rum and plump raisins give a real sweet kick to this grown-up favourite.

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