Local Legends

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Local Legends

A nod to our Northern roots, a celebration of the simple joys of our childhoods

Strawberry Ice Cream In A Cone


Who doesn’t love Vimto?! Combine the distinctive berry flavours with our traditional ice cream and you have a marriage made in heaven…. Or the North, whichever speaks to you more.

Bowl of Mint Ice Cream

Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls

Our traditional recipe with crushed Uncle Joe’s, a firm Wigan family favourite.

Rock Candy in a Glass Jar

Blackpool Rock

Our traditional recipe with crushed Blackpool Rock when you can’t get to the seaside, bring the seaside to you.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Manchester Tart

Coconut and Jam; a beautiful combination encased in a frozen custard cocoon. The quintessential Northern school dinners dessert.

Eccles Cake

Eccles Cake

Buttery, sweet and currant filled ice cream. A frozen interpretation of the small, flaky, round filled cake from Eccles.

Seasonal Fruit Pie

Seasonal Pie-Scream

An homage to our new second site being situated in pie loving Wigan we think Wiganers and non-Wiganers alike will appreciate a seasonal Pie Scream be it meat and potato or apple and blackberry!

Bowl of Ice Cream with Biscuit

Seasonal Parkin

Locally sourced Parkin contributes to this gingery, treacle concoction for a warming autumnal treat.

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