Holdens & Co. Feature on BBC Radio 2 Foodie Thursday – 04/05/17

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Holdens & Co. Feature on BBC Radio 2 Foodie Thursday – 04/05/17

15 minutes of  Radio fame

Well, we are very excited. I’ll tell you why…

So a couple of weeks ago we were making our way around The Farm Shop & Deli Show at The NEC in Birmingham and we bumped into an old pal.


LISTEN HERE - Holdens & Co. on Foodie Thursday BBC Radio 2

Nigel Barden is a friend of Holdens & Co. and has been coming to our shop for an “Edgworth Ice Cream” since he was a little boy. He bounded over to us at the show and told us about his foodie segment on Thursdays on BBC Radio 2 Drivetime. Of course we already listen and enjoy his segment very much. Fortunately for us he was in the market for some tasty artisan ice cream for his next show. We ensured we got some down to him in London in time to record the show and then all we had to do was sit back, listen and hope we got a mention.

On Thursday 4th May at 6.05pm we tuned in to hear Nige telling Simon Mayo and the crew all about a delicious chocolate cake served with grappa soaked cherries and our very own Holdens & Co. Original Dairy Ice Cream. Nige regaled the team with stories of his childhood trips to the shop and enlightened them with the story of Holdens, how it began and grew to the business it is today.

It was super exciting to hear ourselves mentioned on national radio and we had so much love and support from people far and wide once it had aired. We had Holdenites from the Midlands, London and even the Alps who had heard us and wanted to share their memories of Holdens & Co. and ask if we stock anywhere near their new home towns.

It’s so lovely that we have the ability to make people smile and reminisce about years gone by and the ice cream that features in their happy memories.

If you missed it and have got 30 minutes to spare go on and give it a listen. It’s available until the first week in June 2017. Listen from about 1 hour 10 minutes in…. Enjoy!!

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